Outline of Matthew


Birth and Infancy of Messiah 1.1-2.23

Genealogy 1.1-17

Birth Narratives 1.18-2.18

Removal to Nazareth 2.19-23

Prelude to the Messianic Ministry 3.1-4.25

Preparatory Ministry of John the Baptist 3.1-12

Baptism of Jesus 3.13-17

Temptation of Jesus 4.1-11

Summary of Galilean Ministry 4.12-25

Discourse I: Righteousness of the Kingdom 5.1-7.29

Beatitudes 5.1-16

Character of Kingdom Righteousness 5.17-48

Practice of Kingdom Righteousness 6.1-7.12

The Choice of the Kingdom 7.13-27

The Manner of Jesus’ Teaching 7.28-29

Narrative I: Mighty deeds of the Kingdom 8.1-9.38

A series of miracles 8.1-9.8

The Kingdom and the Old Order 9.9-17

More Miracles 9.18-38

Discourse II: Proclamation of the Kingdom 10:1-42

The Proclaimers and their mission 10.1-15

The Response to be expected 10.16-42

Narrative II: The Presence of the Kingdom 11.1-12.50

The Kingdom and John the Baptist 11.1-15

The challenge to the present generation 11.16-30

Opposition to the Kingdom 12.1-45

Fellowship in the Kingdom 12:46-50

Discourse III: Mysteries of the Kingdom 13.1-58

Parable of the Sower 13.1-9

Parabolic Method Explained 13.10-23

Other Parables 13.24-52

The response to Jesus’ parables 13.53-58

Narrative III: Crisis of the Kingdom 14.1-17.27

Crisis of opposition 14.1-15.20

Withdrawal to the North 15.21-39

Further Conflict 16.1-12

Crisis of faith 16.13-20

Preparation of Jesus’ Disciples for His death 16.21-17.27

Discourse IV: Fellowship of the Kingdom 18:1-35

Humility 18.1-20

Forgiveness 18.21-35

Narrative IV: Conflict Caused by the Kingdom 19.1-23.39

Teachings on the way to Jerusalem 19.1-20.28

Healing at Jericho 20.29-34

Events in Jerusalem 21.1-22

Controversies with the Jews 21.23-22.46

Denunciations of the Scribes and Pharisees 23.1-39

Discourse V: Future of the Kingdom 24:1-25:46

Prophecy of the Coming of the Kingdom 24.1-36

Warnings to readiness 24.37-25.30

Judgment of the Nations 25.31-46

Passion of the King 26.1-27.66

The plot to surrender Jesus 26.1-16

Last Supper 26.17-30

Events in Gethsemane 26.31-56

The Trials 26.57-27.26

Crucifixion 27.27-56

Burial 27.27-56

The Resurrection 28:1-20

The women and the Messenger 28.1-10

False witness of the guards 28.11-15

The Ascension 28.16-20