BIBLE4.gif The 7 Great Men of Genesis

  1. The Seven Great Men of Genesis

    When viewed collectively they typify progressive stages of spiritual experience.

  1. Leading idea of Genesis is to show us all that springs from the first Adam – all that can spring from him, both good and evil, both by flesh and through the influence of Divine grace and mercy will correspond with the work of God’s Spirit in our inner man.

  1. First shows us what we are in our Adam

    Rom.5:12, I Cor.15:21-22

  2. In Genesis we are shown first that which is in Adam, and that which normally springs from him.

  3. If we want to know the awful capabilities of evil which are in all those in Adam we need to read the terrible deeds tha t flow throughout Genesis.

  4. If we would know what can come from the same human material when under the renewing and transforming power of being in Christ, we need to follow the seven great men of faith.

  1. Abel

    What is the marked characteristic of Abel?

  1. The man of spiritual desire.

  1. Cain comes first (earthly desire)

    Cain - (Qayin) – meaning possession

  2. Cain is a “tiller of the ground” with earthward interests and holdings.

    His offering is the fruit from his own labors

  3. Abel (hebel) – meaning exhaltation

    Abel was a “keeper of sheep” – the tent dwelling pilgrim, desiring something beyond. (Heb.11:13-16).

    Abel offers an animal for an offering, the product of God’s labor.

  1. Soulish then Spiritual (I Cor.15:46)

  1. Enoch

    The man of spiritual choice

  1. Walked with God (Gen.5:21-24)

  1. Note it does not say God walked with Enoch (Amos 3:3) To walk with someone is a choice and Enoch chose to walk with God by blending his will to God’s (II Cor.6:16-18; II Cor.8:11).

  1. Noah

    The man of spiritual renewal (I Pet.3:20-21)

  1. Water and regeneration (Titus 3:5-7; Eph.5:26-27)

  1. Abraham

    The man of Faith.

  1. Abraham is the father of faith to Israel and the Body of Christ. (James 2:17,22-24 Rom.4:5,9-20; Gal.3:6-7)

  1. Isaac

    The life of sonship

  1. Genesis clearly puts the emphasis on Isaac’s unique sonship. He is the son of special promise, of special birth (origins), heir of his father, son through whom the promises are to be realized.

  1. Special birth or origins (I Cor.12:12-14; Rom.6:3-5)

  2. Promise (Gal.3:14-16)

  3. Heir (Gal.4:7; Rom.8:17)

  4. Sons (daughters) (Gal.4:6-7)

  5. Promises realized (Eph.1:20-23; I Cor.15:22-28)

  1. Jacob

    The life of service.

    Jacob is the worker with busy hands, he is untiring in service. There are mistakes in method and manner of service, yet there is blessing, for at heart the motive is good. (Eph.6:7, Phil.2:17)

  1. Esau gives up birth-rite for meat, Jacob gives up meat for birth-rite to obtain the inheritance.

  2. The Laban experience

  3. The wrestling experience

  1. Joseph

    The Life of suffering and glory (See chart on the typology of Joseph) (Rom.8:17)