The Royal Ruler

The Gospel of Matthew



2.       Lion Ezekiel 1:5,10

Written for the religious man (Hebrew-Pharisee mindset)


2.a. Birth

Matthew 1:1 Son of David, Son of Abraham notice David mentioned first


:5-6 David the King interest is the king, the issue is the King and Kingdom and all of it focus in David and Abraham


2.b. Links Malachi to the Greek Scriptures

Matthew 1:22 fulfilled

2:15 fulfilled

:23 fulfilled

more than any other account, Matthew links the Old Testament with the Greek Scriptures. It is looking for the fulfilling of what went before, not something new.

Legal right:

Matthew 1:6-7 - the royal lineage

:16 Joseph, the legal right to the throne

Divine right:

:21 Jesus Jehovah Saviour, the redeemer of Israel

:23 Emmanuel

Matthew 28:20 I am with you (Emmanuel)

Starts book with God with you, ends the same way.

Because book is kingly, its Jewish because its Jewish it is for Israel because it is for Israel it is dispensational in nature. Not the gospel of the Grace of God, but the Gospel of the kingdom (earthly).


2.c. Example of Dispensational element:

Salvation: Matthew 19:17,20 keep the commandments

:21 added to commandments the kingdom message


Inheritance: Matthew 5:5 - meek earth

19:27-28 12 Tribes

10:6-7 Israel, Kingdom of heaven

Everything is first and foremost a dispensational perspective of Israels king.

2.d. Who is Matthew?

Matthew 9:9 sitting in seat of governmental authority tax collector (publican understood power).

Compare: Luke 5:27 - called by Jewish name left all

:29 a feast human aspect of story


2.e. Overview of Book

King of Jews Matthew 2:1-2

Never called King to the Body of Christ to the Body of Christ.

Only in Matthew do we find the wisemen came to Jerusalem because that is where Davids throne is.

Matthew 2:5-6 Government rule

:9-10 Child is 2 years old

Numbers 23:7 east

24:17 star and scepter cant separate the two.

Matthew 2:11 house (looks to 2nd advent Kingdom coming)

3 offices recognized through the gifts

Gold King

Frankincense incense for priest

Myrrh suffering for prophet

Isaiah 60 bring gold, frankincense no myrrh because suffering is done in 1st advent.

Matthew 2:13 Egypt- place where Israel born- when Israel came out, birth of nation, hence Jesus identifies with new birth of His people

Nazareth- a place of rejection (Amos 2)

Matthew 3:1-3 Those days- days of his rejection

Voice- a government herald - John in wilderness, not in temple (Dad a priest- should function as a priest) John is type of Israels condition.

Repent ye: for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand (phrase only used in Matthew) A Jewish kingdom- Daniel 2:44- goal of prophecy- the God of heaven setting up a kingdom.

Matthew 3:17 - 2nd voice in chapter- baptism

Chapter 1-16 - comprise 1st half of book

Matthew 17:5 - transfiguration

16:15-16 recognized as rightful heir

:16-19 Kingdom of heaven

Chapters 17-28 comprise 2nd half of book

Matthew 27:54 Centurion, government official of Rome


Matthew 4 tested as Son of God, Son of Man, Messiah- begins to demonstrate his credentials

Matthew 5:1-2 (Sermon on the Mount) Mountains in Scripture are types of the kingdoms- sits in authority and communicates His laws

:21, 27, 31, 33, etc. you heard, but I say- taking out of Mosaic and putting into Davidic, intensifying the standard to heart obedience, not religious- Jesus Christ becomes the authority

Chapters 8-9 12 miracles done

Chapters 10-12 rejection

Matthew 12:6, 41, 43

12:15 withdraws himself

Chapter 13- Parables so unbelievers cant understand- Parables deal with the earthly kingdom Israel :19, 24, 31, 33, 41, 44, 47, 52


Matthew 26:53 spoken as authority

:63-68 condemned because He claimed to be Messiah (Leviticus 10:6)

27:11, 27 Even government of day (Rome) understood

:57 only Matthew records, buried as a King

28:16-20 administrative authority- hence this commission is commission of the kingdom (extend kingdom to nations)