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A Question of Authority, Who's in Charge?


Communication and Marriage (A work booklet with a number of activities for couples to work together on).


Divorce and Remarriage


Lovemaking in the Song of Solomon


Marriage and Racism








The good news is this: all couples can learn to communicate and handle problems and disagreements better. Learning these skills can make a huge difference. Research shows that couples can learn communication skills that overcome the danger signs we have described in the articles to the left; and that they can retain them for years, significantly reducing the odds of break up, divorce, and distress. If you are married, you probably need no convincing that learning to effectively deal with issues is important. If you are engaged, you may be thinking "we won't need that stuff, we get along great." But marriage is involves two people (and no two people think exactly the same), and issues get bigger over time. Please feel free to download and print anything you find helpful.


Marriage and Family Questions

I have a serious question. I have been wodering lately if it's okay for two adult Christians who love God and plan to marry one day to engage in what the world calls "foreplay."

How does Deuteronomy 24:1-4 fit in with Divorce? Isn't divorce allowed just in cases of adultry?

Is divorce ever lawful before God?

What does the Bible say about interracial marriages?


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