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KJV Onlyism


Errors in the KJV


A Copyrighted Version


The King James Version


Waite's 3 errors in the Oxford

KJV edition


Is Bible Revision Wrong?


10 Questions


Is Jesus a Sinner in Some Versions?


Did You Know?


Eonian Life Not Eternal Life


A Syntactical Study of 2 Timothy 2:15  


Katabole - What does it mean? 


The Hebrew and Aramaic Scriptures


The Greek Scriptures


The Simplicity of Holiness by Dan Kraemer


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The BIBLE IS God's love letter written to us. The Bible tells us who we are, how we were made, how we were lost, and how we were purchased back When we spend time reading and thinking about the things which are written in the Bible, we change. The Bible is living. We believe that God gave us His inerrant, verbally inspired word, which is of absolute authority and that He recorded, preserved, translated, and transmitted it in written form, called the Bible and/ or Holy Scriptures.

2 Timothy 3:16-17, 2 Peter 1:21


The following message is from Brother Dan Haley III's ordination. Please pray for Brother Dan as he begins his ministry.




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