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An Analytical Word Study by Louis Abbott


Journey Out Of Time by Arthur Custance


The Origin and 


Time and Eternity by G.T. Stevenson


Limits of a Settled God


God, Time and Free-Will


The Eternity of God


Does God Know Everything


Ezekiel and the Oracles Against Tyre


The Religious Concept of Eternal


Definitions of the Greek Words "Aion,"  "Aionios" and the Hebrew word "Olam"


Does God Change His Mind? By Charles Fisher 


The Openness of God


The Biblical Basis for "Free Will" 





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Questions About Time

If the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever and they have no rest day nor night, doesnt this indicate eternal suffering?

In Matthew 25:46  Isn't the life eternal of the righteous sheep contrasted here with the everlasting punishment of the goats?  How can everlasting punishment not be everlasting?

Doesn't the Bible teach the permanent condition of Hell/Hades?