The Wonderful Worker


An Overview of Marks Gospel



678 Verses in the book, Matthew has the emphasis on Jesus pronouncements, Mark has the Emphasis on what He did.


3.a. Importance of Service

Mark 10:43-44 way of greatness in Kingdom is to be a servant

            :45 even the Son of Man

Mark 7:31-37 (only Mark records this miracle) did all things well gets the job done!

Mark 13:32 - only Mark records neither the Son (cp. John15:15) reason He is the servant.


3.b. Mark Chapter 1 the tone is set

Key word in the book is and 84 times in chapter 1, 1331 times it will be used in Mark. Twelve of the sixteen chapters begin with the word and (2-6,9-13,15-16). The word and indicates and demands action. It is the shortest Gospel account, yet it records the most miracles.


3.c. Mark 1:1-8 Introduction (the Resume of the Servant)

3 Beginnings are important in the Bible

John 1:1-2 before time

Genesis 1:1 beginning of time

Mark 1:1 beginning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (1 John 1:1)


Titles of Jesus

Mark 1:1 Son of God

Mark 1:3 Lord Jehovah (quotes Isaiah)

Mark 1:7 Mightier than I (quotes John)

Mark 1:11 Beloved Son (quotes God the Father)

Mark 1:24 Devils recognize who He is

Mark will have an emphasis on Jesus deity with the basis being Mark 1:2. There is no reference to any genealogy, just the references to the Worker, the Servant is the Son of God, and if He were not, He could not render perfect service (Sonship and service go together). Service is the result of sonship!

Mark 1:4 - introduces John the Baptist

:8 - already to Jesus Christ (leaves out fire in Matthew and Luke accounts fire judgment, servant does not judge.

:9 - Father identifies the servant

:10 Mark adds the words He saw- the experience, the impact, servant needs vision, encouragement

:12 driveth Him

:12-13 temptation details not given, all that is important did He get the job done?

:14 Ministry of Christ through the end of the book

:14-15 (repent ye, and believe) emphasis on deed, not words


3.d. A Day in the Life of the Servant

Morning: Mark 1:21-34

:27 learn doctrine from what He did defeat Devil

Afternoon: Mark 1:29-31 healing

Evening: Mark 1:32-34 blessings following the Servant (Israels program working)

Morning: Mark 1:35 prayer (this prayer is only found in Marks Gospel account) servant dependent upon His master.

Mark 1:36-37 prayer interrupted, back to work!!


3.e. A Miracle

Mark 8:22-24 2nd specific miracle found in Mark men as trees walking

          :25 saw clearly. Demonstrating condition of the Apostles at the time (v.17-21)


3.f. Workers

Mark 15:21 only Mark records who Simon is (Romans 16:13)

Mark 16:16-20 believes, then work follows

            :20 Lord working with them